Nadia Ramahi | Newborn Session: Laith

Newborn Session: Laith

June 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

If you had a look at my last blog post, you will have seen mother-to-be Taleah about to pop!! Well now baby Laith is here and in wonderful health! Alhamdulillah. 

This was my first real newborn shoot. I did attempt to take "professional looking" photos of Laith a couple days before this but he was very fussy. Even on this day, he wouldn't hold still! I see so many newborn photos out there where the baby looks so peaceful. I think "Wow! That photographer must have had an easy time molding that baby into that position." But nope. Every time I went to position Laith's hands or feet, he flailed them for a sec and settled back into the position he preferred. 
But I got some cute pics anyway. =)

Gear from this shoot: Canon 60D, 85mm lens, 35mm lens, large white reflector. Edited using: Lightroom 4.1 & Photoshop CS6.




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