Model: Hallie

January 23, 2013  •  1 Comment

Thanks to, models and photographers alike get to trade skills (model's time for photog's prints/CD) to expand their portfolios. This is especially beneficial to those starting out with model photography... like me!

Hallie is one such model that I got to do a shoot with! We had so much fun exploring different areas around Norman from skate park to amphitheater to abandoned factory. Then we did a shoot indoors at my home studio where we played around with lighting and different looks.

This was also the first shoot with my new assistant Shagoofa! She was a great help and I am SO glad to have had her with me.




For the following indoor shots, I used only one or two speedlites, sometimes with umbrellas, gels, and other fun stuff.





Abu Ahmed(non-registered)
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